Monday, April 2, 2012

Oh the games we play

Many of the RPGs I currently play are chosen by my boys. This is not necessarily a bad thing; I only have a few more years in the house with them before they go off to adventure on their own, so I take every opportunity I can to play with them now. I've also been lucky of late to have plenty of gaming options.

The game of choice in our house is the Pathfinder RPG. I first played this version of d20 a year ago at BASHCON and the boys and I played three Pathfinder Society games at GenCon 2011. Since then we have invested in most of the Core and Ultimate books. It's a crunchy game and provides plenty of character customization. Learning the nuances of character creation is as enjoyable as the game play at the table.

My regular biweekly game, which includes my sons and three friends, is currently rotating three GMs: my older son and two original members of the group. My son is running a Pathfinder game set in Eberron (since he had most of the Eberron books it seemed like a good way to go). Our party is composed of several drow and a warforged exploring Xen'drik.

The other two GMs are alternating adventures in a home brewed world using D&D 3.5. The main group is a typical mid level party adventuring under the creator of this world. The other GM is overseeing a group of low level halflings trying to make a big name for themselves.

Not to be left out, my younger son has started running adventures for his brother and myself using Pathfinder for a home grown setting. We're two adventures in and having a great time. Our other home game is a longer running Eberron game that was started with 3.5 and published modules. We've now moved beyond the modules and are working to convert over to Pathfinder for more original adventures.

I'm also fortunate enough to play with some podcasting luminaries. A loca, face-to-face Pathfinder game in a home grown setting is being run by Ben of Games You Never... fame (part of All Games Considered podcast). Also in the group is Josh who has had work published by Hex Games and is a member of the Monkeys Took My Jetpack podcast. We're just getting started in a military campaign which promises to be exciting.

My final gaming group meets on-line to play. This group includes Rich of the Canon Puncture and RPG Crosstalk podcasts, as well as Ed & Alex from the Yellow Menace podcast. I'm running this group though a Dresden Files RPG game set in Minneapolis. We've also started working on an InSpectres game run by Rich, for those nights we don't have a quorum for DFRPG.

When I see all these games listed out I now realize why my wife gives me "the look" when I tell her I'm heading off to gaming. Honest, dear, I'm not trying to get out of doing the laundry and dishes.

Follow your bliss,


I was reminded this morning that I left off one game: a play-by-post game set in the Tower of Druaga on Obsidian Portal utilizing the Adventure Game Engine from Dragon Age RPG. This game is the brainchild of Daniel of Highmoon Media and, most recently, This Just in...from GenCon! podcast. I'm joined in this adventure by fellow gamer and friend of the Canon Puncture show, Jarad.

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