Monday, April 9, 2012

So you want to be a GM? Part 1

If you read the laundry list of games I'm currently playing, you may wonder why I would be trying to setup another game to run, especially something as labor intensive as building an original setting from scratch. Let's chalk it up to temporary insanity.

Or it could be that I consider this style of game play an art form that I want to master. Hard to tell some days.

But, recently I've been playing in several home-brewed settings and it has brought back the itch to create a setting from the the ground up. I really am a grognard at heart and this style of sandbox play is an inescapable siren song to me. In all my 30+ years of play, I've never created something that I can truly call my own; I've run original adventures in published settings, but nothing where the setting has my DNA in it.

I've spoken in the past of my idea of a setting named Icosa. It's time to revisit that idea. Also, I hope that by developing this setting in the open the process will help me hone my world-building skills. But where to begin?

I have long been a fan of Ray Winninger's series of Dungeoncraft articles from Dragon magazine. I've long wanted to put the advice in these articles to the test, so I'll be using them as the blueprint for preparing Icosa for play.

More to come.

Follow your bliss,

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