Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So many games

Last night as I got ready to watch The Cape, I was putting my books and games back on their shelves. A recent flood on New Years Day in my basement caused me to have to relocate my books into boxes and last night was the first chance to apply some order to the chaos. What I realized as I went through this process is that I have a ton of RPGs, most of which I have never played.
Role-playing games

Many of these books I purchased with the intention of playing, but some were purely for the curiosity of seeing how the game worked. Naturally this got me thinking about all the games I'd love to play if I had the time.

I decided the only way to find the time was to make the time. Daniel Perez's words about copping out on my New Year's resolutions are still ringing in my ears. First I'll list what I'm currently playing and then the games I'd like to play this year followed by my all-time wish list.

Playing now:

Want to play this year:

  • Dragon Age RPG (Player/GM) - I've been bitten by the Dragon Age bug and am itching to try this one. I will get a chance to play with Daniel in a play-by-post game, but I'd love to play/GM this at the table.
  • ICONS (GM) - I'm a fan of superhero RPGs. This one was recommended by Daniel and seems like it would be a good fit for what I like out of a game.
  • Polaris - I've been wanting to play this game for at least two years now, so this is my year to make it happen.
  • Kingdom of Nothing (GM) - I've committed to running this game at conventions this year and very excited about it.
  • Mortal Coil (GM) - I love the system but have never seen it in action in a long running time frame. I'd love to see this happen this year.
  • Burning Wheel (Player) - I've played Mouse Guard and that makes me want to explore the original.
  • Mythender (Player) - I've been reading about Ryan's game for a while now, I'd love to give it a spin. Who knows, GenCon?
  • A Penny For My Thoughts - I played an early play-test version, but have not played the final release. I think this would be a good game for my wife and I to play with another couple.
  • Breaking the Ice - I've been wanting to play this game with my wife, so I will push to do it this year.

Dream List of games to play:

  • AD&D T1-4, A1-4, GDQ (GM) - I have always wanted to run this classic series of modules using the Advanced Dungeon & Dragon 1st edition rules. Their called classics for a reason.
  • AD&D DL1-12 (GM) - For similar reasons I have always wanted to run the original Dragonlance modules. I'd be tempted to run them using the 3.5 edition rules, but this is my Dream List of games to play so AD&D 1e it is.
  • Thieves World, Lankhmar, Wild Cards (Player/GM) - These classic settings have been realized in various rule-sets. I'd love to have the time to explore them.
  • Mage: The Ascension (GM/Player) - I've talked about why I love this game, I'd love to get back to it some day.
  • Amber Diceless (Player) - I'm fascinated with the system, but have never read the original novels. I'd like to explore them someday.
  • Call of Cthullu (Player/GM) - Do I need a reason?
  • Mutant City Blues/Trail of Cthullu (Player/GM) - I've read, but never played, the games of the GUMSHOE system. I've love to explore them.

That should do it for now. Now I have a list to work off of when someone says, what do you want to play.


Follow Your Bliss,


  1. I have been culling through my rpg's, trying to decide on what I really play and use. It's difficult at times because everything has some interesting element I would like to use, nottomention the financial investment I've made.

    My "want to play" list is much smaller than yours, only about three new games (4E-ssentials, Swords & Wizardry, and Mutants & Masterminds).

    Good luck on your year of games!

  2. And good luck to you too. All good games to play! Yes, I often feel the need to justify my purchases. And lately it's been doubly worse in that I've been slowly investing in D&D Essentials and now itching to play some Dragon Age RPG. Aaarrrrg!