Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dragon Age RPG Quickstart Guide PDF is here!

Dragon Age RPG Quickstart Guide PDF
This short post is to let folks know two things: 1. I'm still around and kickin', and 2. the Dragon Age RPG Quickstart Guide PDF (Green Ronin Publishing) is available for download! Of late I've been a big fan of the Dragon Age RPG, so I was quite disappointed when none of my FLGS were participating in Free RPG Day 2011. I'm very thankful that the powers that be at Green Ronin have made this available for free download.

I've you've wanted to check out the game, but not ready to put forth the cash to pick up Set 1 box, here is your chance to take the game for a test drive. It includes background information, pre-generated characters and a short adventure. Even if you've never played the computer or console DA game, I recommend you pick this up. Want more reason? Check out this review of the quickstart on RPG.Net.


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